Feb 1, 2012

My non-Muslim friends~

A question mark about Islam is magically described,majestically admired and globally discussed !
These sort of situation  never crossed my mind. Before,I used to study at religious secondary school. Mixed up with people who have the same religious,same passion towards being productive Muslim .We share stories in usraah,halaqah. We walk together holding hands,firm & strong ,performing solah together at the mosque.

Now,my life turning 180 degrees, there are a lot of non-Muslim here,at my new place. No doubt. They're selected person to study here. Act,they shouldn't be here, they should be at the cross river side of Italy,sipping a cup of tea during winter, warm their hands when the snow fall. They should be at overseas ! studying there !! Maybe,they do not have that opportunity to fly. Sigh ~

Back to the topic ! [My life at this new place]
We always have lecture at 1-2 pm- dzuhur time !
When we heard the azaan( a call to perform solah), those chinese( most of the chinese are buddhist) asked all people to be silence.(shhhhh)!
Wow,surprisingly Subhanallah ! they even asked the lecture ( who are also non-Muslim) to stop the lecture for a while and respect the azaan .

OH ALLAH, if only they know,what is the call all about..

If only they know...

A friend of mine is a Chinese. He is a very good students indeed,brilliant ! We called him " moving answer scheme".  Ouh how good to be friend with those fella. All of them are very kind hearted.It's true when someone said we shouldn't befriend with one type of people. Come on, the rainbow itself have seven colours ! Just pick the colours whether it's red,blue or violet. Each colour have their own significant means..~

I've once asked him " What do you think your life is about ? U grow up, got straight A's in SPM, 4 flat in matrics, get married, having wonderful rich life at France,as u dreamt for.. and then ?? "

I noticed it, ya . He doubt his own feeling . I feel pity for him . If, and only if he knows about Islam. How I wish.. :(

I really want to drag them to know about Islam, know about Allah,the one and only. I want them to feel the serene and tranquility of performing ibadaah .I want them to thank God for their intelligence.. to raise up this ummah. I know they love to do charity. But their deeds have no values. They will not get the reward from God because they are the non-believers. Just like human,we do not want to give reward to those who don't have faith to us.Who save them when they're in trouble ? Who give them the ability to breath without asking even a cents for a molecule of oxygen. Never let them feel hunger, never let them feel alone,never ask for return
for everything we get..

I wish I could be a good dai'e. I'll try to improve myself. I love my friends and I don't want to lose opportunity to make them become a good servant of Allah and entering Jannah(paradise)
 with all His blessings .

Insya Allah. Make du'a ^_^

So why deny,what's in front of your eyes,the miracle of having sun,moon,planets in the orbits. We just have to open our eyes,our heart and mind. If we just look prior we'll see the signs. We can't keep hiding from the truth...

pss:I'm still trying to improve my grammar. Mind those grammatical errorS ~

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